We offer a comprehensive service with personal and commercial insurance packages. This includes from us giving you a quotation up to the stage where the policy is implemented. Not only that, but we are also there to assist you in the case of claims and losses of any nature and any other changes that are necessary to be made to your policy as your situation changes over time. We also offer very competitive  premiums to cater for your needs. The premium may not always be the cheapest but will definitely be worth the service. For an obligation free quotation please click on the link below and supply us with the requested information and you will have a quotation within hours.

Our specialist advice includes the following. Retirement planning where we help you to plan your future so that when you retire you can enjoy your golden years. We also advise you on various investment opportunities that includes guarantees on the monies invested. You can invest with a growth option or a monthly income or a combination of both. One of the most important issues is estate planning. Most people forget to do estate planning , not because of being careless but purely not knowing what to do.

When a loved one falls away the ones that stay behind only realise way to late that all was not in place, and then all is in a state of disarray. This can be solved very easily by our qualified assistance. We will also assist you with the drawing up of a will and also the administration of your estate. The drawing up of your will is free of charge and you can change your will as often as you like. It is a call or visit away. If you are interested in creating a trust or you need help with your tax problems we are only a click away.

For us to assist you and do an assessment of your needs you need only to click here and we will be in contact to assist you.